The Aries sign

Aries Horoscope - Monday, December 14, 2020: Understand patience is a must in business

You're burning alive in your desire of enjoying your beloved


Aries, there's good vibes in your mind and heart. You're burning alive in your desire of enjoying your beloved, especially if you're in a long distance relationship. Some of you will be daring enough to grab the car or take a plane to surprise your other half.

You're absolutely aware that you've got to live for the moment, without minding what others say about you or the way you perceive love. Even if you try to keep up a discreet attitude, there'll always be comments about your private life going on behind your back.

If you're single, shake off your fear of rejection and act according to what your heart says. If you want to go all-out crazy, the coast is clear for you.

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You're finally starting to see some of the rewards from your past work and growing proud with a job well done. If you're patient enough you could reap the biggest rewards; you should keep in mind that everything takes time.

There's pending issues when signing certain contracts or ongoing deals, so ask for as long as you need to read every piece of documentation reaching your hands, including the finest of prints. Don't be taken for a fool.

And if you're looking for work, you'll become very creative and find new ways to make extra money. For instance, doing things for neighbours, walking around elders, doing little house chores... You've got endless options for work!


Do you like dancing, no matter if it's classical dance, flamenco or urban beats? You might want to sign up for lessons in the type of dance you like the most, because it'll be very positive for your plasticity and boost your focus.

Who knows? You might awaken a dormant talent hidden away inside you. Did you know that Russian dancer Rudolf Nuréyev was an Aries too?

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