Aries Wednesday on a sky background

Aries Horoscope - Wednesday, April 14, 2021: Time to run a contact cleanse

You and your partner know how your relationship works


Aries, you'll feel really bad about people making comments on your perception of love and everything that revolves around it. You'll shush down anyone who criticizes you because both you and your partner know perfectly about how your relationship works, and that's enough.

There are concepts such as loyalty and faithfulness whose definition evolves as time goes by. If your body truly wants it, fight traditions.

If you're single, you should run a deep contact cleanse through your list. Forget about that poisonous emotional vampire whom you liked, but who gave you things you didn't feel like giving away. If you cut the cord that ties you at the right time, you'll save yourself from confrontation.


Take a look at your pending debts at work,  so that someone in a higher position gets them sorted out. It's time to shine at work and bring back the success and reputation you used to have.

Watch closely how you manage and spend time, because you'll be a bit absent-minded and uninterested, and that could cause you to be told off by someone you don't want to see doing that.

As a bit of extra advice, we recommend you not to loan high-value items to anyone, because they might not ever get back to your hands, or they could be mangled or broken down when you get them back.


Your diet is starting to improve.  It gets increasingly easier for you to include fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables into your menu choices. Some of you might even find you're becoming more interested in vegetarian items.

If you're taking up a sport, consider joining in swimming lessons. Their reputation for being a complete workout is pretty much true! It's time to get your body ready for the next holidays.

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