Aries Horoscope Friday 2020

Aries Horoscope - Friday, November 13, 2020: The purest form of love is at home

Plan a visit to your grandparents or elder uncles


Aries, you're not planning to commit just yet. You're too fond of freedom, and you won't like having to explain yourself, not even to your partner.

That native selfishness of yours could be too strong to bear; if you don't watch it closely, it'll bring serious consequences to your emotional health, and not even alternative ideas will bring a good note around.

The purest form of love will be in the midst of your family. Give more love than usual to elders, especially if they live on their own. Plan a visit to your grandparents or elder uncles; they'll be deeply thankful if you eventually come around.


When it comes to handling cash around, be careful and don't get tricked,  because there'll be more than one sly fox around you, especially if you work in stores where you have to provide personal attention. When recession hits, sly spies can make up plans out of the blue.

The stars foresee that a valuable will receive some deep impact. It could be some car scratches when trying to park in a tight spot, or a gorgeous vase that crashes against the ground because it wasn't handled with too much care.

Keep your priciest belongings away and safe; if they last long enough, you're sort of saving, in a way. Try to keep your moves subtle and soft this Friday, because sudden or blunt moves will be the ones to cause accidents.

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You'll feel attracted to sports,  but only just enough to watch them on TV at home with your friends, instead of actually going out and trying them yourself. And that could be quite fun, but it wouldn't be too crazy that you follow some of the athletes' footsteps and pull some sweaty moves.

This Friday, you'll break ties with your previously sedentary lifestyle. Do some exercise, move around, even if it means just walking to and fro from work instead of taking public transport.

Some of you will experience neck pain, and that means the week's gone far too long for you. If the pain keeps going, try putting a warm towel around your neck.