The Aries sign surrounded by stars

Aries Horoscope - Saturday, March 13, 2021: Your dominant side is growing stronger

Wait a few more days before your final choice


Aries, wait a few more days before your final choice  on your romantic circumstances. This weekend could be a great turning point for your relationship, even if you think you've got your mind fully made up.

The new flair around you encourages you to be a freer person with no strings attached, but also slightly stiff and intolerant. Don't risk doing complex things that you'll end up regretting.

If you're single, you'll show yourself as someone proud to be on your own, as if you would earn merits from that. That's on the outside, though; you won't be able to fool yourself within.

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Star influences will make your dominant, possessive side more obvious. You won't want to give away your time or money (and not even knowledge) to sort out the issues other people have caused. Not even for elementary, basic daily living issues.

In the long run, this could unleash some conflict with your professional environment. You'll look like a mean colleague, especially if you try to impose your will and opinions at all costs.

Just keep one thing in mind: you might get your own way in the little dictatorship rulebook you're trying to set this Saturday, but your only reward will be a great horde of enemies.


In order to stay in shape, body workouts aren't the only tool required: your brain also needs some exercise. Find activities that boost your mental agility, such as math, crosswords or word search puzzles.

In this day and age, TV is used and abused as well (and let's not even begin with bingeing TV shows). Turn it off every once in a while and spend some of your free time reading a nice book. You'll be more cultured, and get your power bill down as well.

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