Aries Horoscope Monday 2020

Aries Horoscope - Monday, July 13, 2020: In need of powerful emotions

You'll fall to the feet of a beautiful new person coming into your life


You're in for a strange Monday, filled with unusual situations as far as love life goes. If you're in a relationship, you'll feel like your partner's bragging about a slightly shallow and flirty behaviour you can't quite understand.

Are you still single, Aries? Your week might kick off with love at first sight; you'll fall to the feet of a beautiful new person coming into your life. Now's your turn to follow in their footsteps and make sure they know you're around.

It's perfectly normal that today you're taken away by melancholy when you miss people who live far away or who left long ago. Turn the situation around, rejoice having been able to share your life with them, and work on that love to keep it alive.

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If you've got enough of a knowledge base (and a strong one at that) to invest in art, this Monday's a perfect chance. You could not only earn yourself a good reputation but also find some juicy benefits along the process.

The stars are telling us that you're in need of some powerful emotions around work today, and you'll be willing to jump into a bold adventure.

Did you borrow money or a valuable object a few days back? It's time to give it to its rightful owner; only then will you protect your reputation, and no one will stop believing in your word.


There's some light discomfort coming up, Aries,  and what's worse about it is that it could show up anywhere in your body. At least, it won't be too serious of a situation, and you'll be able to get it sorted with the medications you've got in your cabinet.

The extreme desire to eat could have some dire consequences on your stomach and mind; if you're in trouble, you won't find a solution lying down on your plate. It'll be crucial that you hold yourself back to save yourself from additional discomfort.