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Aries Horoscope - Wednesday, January 13, 2021: Be generous with those in need

You'll have an important role and balance out the family


Aries, January's just about to reach its halfway point, and you're using every single day to make your partner happy without forgetting about your own essence or giving up on your most elementary principles. You're highly appreciative of peace, and sometimes even silence.

You enjoy looking at your partner a lot, letting glances express inner feelings, and putting words aside. That doesn't mean it's hard for you to talk, and if you need to apologise about a mistake, you surely will.

As far as family goes, you'll have an important role and balance out the family members, patching up any upcoming conflict, especially if you've got kids.

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A higher sense of humour will be good for your business. You take everything too seriously, and might drive a wedge between you and your colleagues and clients. You may be thinking about money too much and becoming greedy.

Turn your head to the side and you'll see there's plenty of people living in a constant pinch, and as far as your situation goes, you're quite fortunate. Be generous to those in need, because you could become a role model for others to do their part in helping out too.

You'll have a gruesome fight against routine, but you should manage your strength well, because there's still a few days until the week's over.


Laziness will move into your life,  and you'll be kings and queens of excuse fabrication. You'll make up any and all sorts of reasoning to avoid doing sport, or to eat what your nutritionist has explicitly forbidden you to taste.

Don't make the exception into a rule; if you're skipping the rules of well-being, go back to them as soon as you can, and stick to them.

Pay attention to how your hair looks, it could give you warning signs that there might be something going wrong in your body, or that you need extra nutrition.

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