Aries Horoscope for Saturday on a universe background

Aries Horoscope - Saturday, February 13, 2021: You've stopped lying to yourself

You've come to terms with who you really are


Aries, you've stopped lying to yourself and you've come to terms with who you really are without feeling ashamed or shy about showing your feelings in public. You're at a great stage to give the right person all your love. Is it because Valentine's Day is in the air that you're feeling so romantic?

This Saturday, you'll reap some of the fruits you've been sowing over the last few weeks or months. You feel lucky because you can help your partner make their most gorgeous dreams come true.

And if you're single, today's the right day for Cupid to throw you one of his arrows, and to fall head over heels in love with someone interesting. The results will take their sweet time in coming out, but there'll be a perfect aura when they come around.

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You're highly focused on your career.  You've got a very clear idea of where you should work the hardest, and which tasks are more mindless and shallow. Don't get off the right track to success, and cover up your weaknesses in a good mood.

Today's the 13th (but there won't be any bad luck coming at all), and you'll stand out in areas not many people know. There's plenty of talent and potential inside you, but you're despising yourself, and keep thinking that your skills don't deserve any recognition. That's where you're wrong.

It won't be profitable to make investments in art or antiques, at least for today. You won't have too much of a sharp sight, and you could mistake a fake piece for the most sophisticated item of all.


As far as health goes, the stars are protecting you from external ailments,  but you'll have to protect yourself from temptations on your own. Whatever taints your wellness will come along because you went looking for it.

And try out as many relaxing activities as you can in order to ward off any trace of stress or restlessness.

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