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Aries Horoscope - Sunday, December 13, 2020: Don't gossip about people outside your circle

Your home environment will become highly dynamic


Aries, you've been swept away by love,  and it's starting to influence every single area in your life. Thus, your home environment will become highly dynamic and you'll break all ties with tension.

There'll be a beautiful feeling all around, as if the ties joining you with the people around you had become much thicker and stronger, and there's a great deal of mutual affection flowing through. Even the person who's usually surly will open up to you!

Good news should reduce the impact of past arguments, and you should boost reconcilement as much as you can. If you're single, let yourself be seen out more often. Have you thought about opening up a profile in any Internet dating site, or downloading a meet-up app?

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Your reputation could become tainted today.  There's people out there jealous of your success and your composure, and they'll try to throw you off balance.

Fortunately enough, you'll be your very own best source of support. You'll think every statement through to avoid leaving doors open to double meanings or free readings. And exceptionally, this time your tongue won't fly faster than your thoughts.

Here's some extra advice: don't get in an argument if some of your friends or colleagues encourage you to criticise people from the outside. Avoid being judgmental, because you might be the one who needs to hide more than you think.


You're closing off the week quite swiftly, and you'll be mentally docile. Use these skills if you're going through a training course of any kind, because you'll easily memorise whatever new knowledge comes along.

And care for your voice properly; your vocal tract will be sensitive, and you could lose your voice temporarily. While you're at it, quit smoking if you can.

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