Aries Horoscope Saturday 2020

Aries Horoscope - Saturday, September 12, 2020: A truthful perspective on reality

You've got a desire to say the things you usually don't share


It'll be easy for you to keep your heart on your sleeve while talking to your partner. You've got a desire to say the things you usually don't share, maybe because you're afraid or sometimes even ashamed.

If you're a rough person who doesn't usually express feelings and emotions openly, Aries, you'll be surprised by a gorgeous open declaration of love. You're trying to break the shell that keeps you away from everyone and everything.

Because it promotes the boosting of emotions, Venus will help single Arians to make any choice that's important. Your perspective on reality is extremely truthful, and you'll find support in your own personal experiences, as well as those of people around you.


You'll probably have lots of work to do around the office, but everything will be alright. You'll be as accurate as a surgeon with their knife, won't waste a minute, and if you're lucky enough, you'll even get work done ahead for a free weekend.

Your organisational skills will be particularly effective and will allow you to face your many work and family responsibilities.

If you're at the head of a business, try not to be too stiff around your employees. You'll manage to create a greater sense of commitment if they see you trust their skills and capabilities.

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There won't be anything relevant that attacks your health with a strong impact. However, Mercury does advise you to care for your skin a little better. In that sense, too much exposure to the sun could mean trouble. Carry around with you some sunscreen.

If you pick your diet right, you could also improve your skin quality. For instance, melon prevents skin spots because it gets rid of toxins.

If you're feeling a little weaker than usual, you're better off seeing a doctor instead of having the pills that you consider work best for you. Self-medicating isn't a good idea, Aries.