Aries Horoscope Monday 2020

Aries Horoscope - Monday, October 12, 2020: Start thinking about baby names

You've chosen to break ties with monotony and routine


Aries, romantic entrepreneurship is boosted. You want to make important choices that take your heart far towards unexplored territories (at least, unexplored thus far).

You've chosen to break ties with monotony and routine. You're getting bored of those days when it seems like there's no progress whatsoever and everything's stuck. You want to fly, and no one will stop you from unfolding your wings to infinity and beyond.

Do what you've always wanted to and keep putting off. No matter if it's a marriage proposal, finding a better home for your family, or thinking about the name of your next baby, the time is here and now.


At work you'll have to be more composed than in love; and if you can, sign to make everything stay the same. This is not the time for change or to build castles on clouds.

Your managers (or maybe even your clients, depending on the case) aren't fully willing to listen to your new proposals, so write down your best ideas to keep them alive and in mind.

Some of your recent mistakes could come out into the light. That's why the stars encourage you to be discreet.

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As the week starts, the planets are overseeing your wellness, and you'll enjoy a great deal of strength and energy. Use these small celestial bursts to remove chores off your to-do list. It's time to defeat laziness!

And if you have to face a move or another heavy loads, be very careful, because you could harm your back when loading up goods. Whenever you can, use carts and other similar tools available to and around you.

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