Aries Horoscope Thursday 2020

Aries Horoscope - Thursday, November 12, 2020: Beautiful words are flying all around

You'll have to mediate in people's arguments


Aries, compliments and beautiful words are flying all around you; you're the focus of many glances and enjoying that privileged position. You're even feeling like people are winking their eyes at you, or sending you online double-meaning messages.

However, you shouldn't let your ego roam wild and free. Some people that show any form of interest in you (not all of them, fortunately enough) have interests that you aren't fully acquainted with. They could promise to bring you the moon, but what they actually want from you remains to be seen.

Your patience will be tested as far as the family core is concerned. You'll have to mediate in people's arguments, especially if you've got teenage kids.


You've got a special talent at closing deals;  you'll know how to improve deals to make more than you'd initially expected to. Your potential will skyrocket, and your managers or employees will be happy to have you in their ranks.

An occasional argument could bring grey clouds into your life, but don't think that your future will go dark and gloomy because of that.

In the same way, you'll also be good at opening conversations. Use that talent if you're currrently unemployed to know which career doors you should call upon. There's also a bit of extra luck for you if you work in real estate or the arts.

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Do things that make you truly happy,  whether it means spending time on your own (walking the dog, reading a book by your favourite author) or in a group (a soccer match with friends, a board game with your family). Find the things that really keep you on track.

It is crucial that you go into action and channel your energy so that stress doesn't hit you too hard.

The day will be pretty much routine-based; you won't have health issues as long as you take a little extra care, especially in the throat.