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Aries Horoscope - Friday, March 12, 2021: You'll free your mind from the grip of bad vibes

You'd hate to make anyone upset with your behaviour


Aries, you wish life had a user's guide today  so that you could do things the best way possible. You see plenty of hardship around you, and you'd hate to make anyone upset with your behaviour.

As far as your family goes, there might be strong arguments, and you won't be able to stay quiet because you're part of it and probably a judge as well. This could get you into clashing with your partner, especially if there's kids involved.

And if you're single, the sun will shine for you but there'll also be some clouds hiding away its warm shine. You'll have to act smart so that you can take away all that's good in life without dwelling on existential angst.

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You'll consider getting a loan to soothe down your financial distress. But before you sign up for anything, take a look at what you're really paying back with the interest rate included, and think about whether it's really worth it. You might get some income by selling what you no longer use, such as an old record collection, jewellery you never wear or an art piece or two lying around the house.

Unfairness at work will make you furious when you see that some people are forgiven from their harmful attitude and behaviour, while you're not allowed to step one inch out of line.


Even though things might look dire as far as love and work go, your mood won't tumble down and you'll free your mind from the grip of bad vibes. And if you deem it appropriate, burn some incense sticks around the house.

If circumstances allow, go take a nice walk at sunset to get some fresh air, and while you're at it, make your muscles work. Walk fast so that you can start feeling the benefits, and remember to wear appropriate footwear for whatever kind of terrain you're treading.

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