Aries Horoscope Sunday 2020

Aries Horoscope - Sunday, July 12, 2020: You've got reasons to be stressed

Double your efforts to keep your feet on the ground and be objective


Aries, why are wounds opening up?  How can they hurt as if they're freshly made? You've got many questions about your relationships and your heart, and unfortunately for you, there's not many answers available.

Here's some advice: don't let problems grow any bigger by using your overflowing imagination. Double your efforts to keep your feet on the ground and be objective.

Bit by bit, you'll find balance and harmony inside you, and you'll give things their rightful importance. Don't neglect your partner, and try to be clearer if they can't read the meaning behind the metaphorical messages you're sending them.

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Some of you have an interesting business meeting in schedule,  a casual luncheon where some foundations for future business deals will be built.

You'll know how to stay away from people who want to change your thinking, you'll stand firm in your positions and convictions.

The stars will take better care of your savings and businesses than your love life; at least you can find some comfort in that.

For this Sunday, the Horoscope foresees there'll be good financial stability, although you should try not to talk about money in front of people whom you don't fully trust yet; envy is a sharp sword ready to strike.


This Sunday there'll be some moping going on;  you haven't cared for yourself over the weekend. If you've gone too far with drinking, you'll have a hard-to-handle hangover.

In the worst case scenario, a chronic illness will come back up again, and although it won't be too serious, it definitely will get uncomfortable.

And one last thing: you have plenty of reasons to be stressed. You've been involved in a lot of battles, way more than your body and mind can take.