Aries Horoscope - Tuesday, January 12, 2021: Remember your own personal history

You can find great solutions for any situation


Aries, today will be a day for stories filled with regret. In your skies, it can be seen that a previous partner who hurt you really badly could come back crawling to your feet, with tearful eyes, begging for a new chance. Now, they've seen it was a mistake to break up and end your love story.

Remember your own personal history: out of caution, it's best if you don't believe them. It all comes down to an untimely, short-lived whim, and they're playing the role of a poor actor. Their real behaviour has nothing to do with what they're telling you.

Trust yourself, remember history and don't believe the happy ending they're trying to sell you with the tale they're telling. And if you're in a relationship, you could take better care of yourself to make your partner fall in love again.

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You could be bumping into some stones when trying to perform your most basic professional duties; fortunately for you, you're usually a quick thinker, and you can find great solutions for any situation.

Some of you might even face debts that you'll have to pay off quicker than expected. In that case, you'll know where to make budget cuts so that you don't end up neck-deep in the debt pool.

At least you'll have a peaceful external image that will let you sort out the situation with enthusiasm under your sleeve. You're one to think that, when crisis points hit, there's nothing but opportunities to improve.


Things aren't going as bad as you think.  Stop thinking that you've been hit with a curse or something similar, because you're doing nothing but justifying your actions with that idea in mind.

Tear down the myths around food you've got going around; you often think that foods that are actually pretty healthy are a real harm to health. Ask for an appointment with a nutrition expert, and have them sort out your doubts.

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