Aries Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Aries Horoscope - Wednesday, November 11, 2020: You feel the sun shining down on you

You could bump into quite an interesting person


Aries, your steps will be a bit off this Wednesday, and unknowingly to you, you're leaning more towards conflict and a lack of romantic understanding.

However, this doesn't make your attraction factor go down, that special talent you've got to attract both interesting individuals and other people who would be better off staying far, far away from you.

Find ways to counterattack against that foul mood we're talking about. If you're still single and ready, you could bump into quite an interesting person. A foul move or an unlucky glance could set the wrong mood and give an untimely end to what could have been a gorgeous fairytale.


Professionally speaking, you might have to pull your claws out to defend what's truly yours one way or another. You'll be mighty lucky if you need to face some law-related issues for your personal honour due to a career injustice, among other causes.

When it comes to your actual position at work, you could feel tempted into making choices that you shouldn't be involved in. Learn to see where your right place is, and don't go treading into anyone's area.

On the other hand, you should also keep your eyes fully open to avoid mistakes; your mind could cloud up at times, especially if you work with numbers. These are easily fixable mistakes, but they won't be nice to find.

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Your physical condition is quite good,  and the pain you've experienced over the last few days will grow smaller and smaller.

In the same way, those of you that are fighting depression will feel you're on the right track, and that the sun is shining down on you.

In order to boost your natural beauty, you could do some facial training exercises. Did you know that your face has up to 50 muscles? By doing some stretches (such as smiling and relaxing that gesture, or wiggling your eyebrows up and down), you could diminish the consequences and effects of aging.