The Aries sign

Aries Horoscope - Monday, January 11, 2021: You must become the personification of dignity

Provide your personal touch (and do it selflessly, of course)


Aries, there's a minor romantic hurricane around you,  which affects the way you behave with your partner and family; you'll be clashing certain opposing positions that will be hard to soothe down.

You might be right, but you keep refusing to give in; therefore, what comes in like a minor issue can just snowball into something big. You should admit that you're often way too stubborn!

In this life, the best thing is to provide your personal touch (and do it selflessly, of course) to make daily co-existence something beautiful and fun. Your partner will be there to listen, but won't feel any sympathy.

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You're not too annoyed about your work, things are in a relatively calm state. However, you do daydream about improvements, and perhaps even changing companies. In that sense, you should admit that you're not putting too much of an effort into searching for those new opportunities ahead.

Open up your eyes and you'll be able to appreciate situations where someone with your skills would be real useful; all you need to do is respond well to signs around you.

If you're thinking about making extra money, find yourself some extra work that doesn't take long to get done, and it'll be even better if you can get it done from home.


You'll need to support close loved ones who are going through a rough health patch; you'll be the bubble of air that helps them stay afloat. However, your mood could crack and crumble; you'll be the first person to notice it takes real strength to be there through thick and thin.

Try to keep your weakness away from people's sights. Right now you need to be the personification of dignity so that others follow suit and can hold through life's affairs better, because it was equally hard for everyone over the year we just left behind.

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