Aries Sunday on a sky background with shooting stars

Aries Horoscope - Sunday, April 11, 2021: You're making up the time you've lost

You tend to make yourself present everywhere


Aries, you tend to make yourself present everywhere. You'll be a highly sociable sign, and that might not be too okay with your partner or date. If you're single, you'll work hard to keep your luck in love in a steady flow. You'll know how to make up the time you've lost.

You won't stand people who call themselves authentic and blurt out anything that comes to mind at the slightest chance. This will make you clash a little today with some of your friends, or even your partner, if they talk too much.

As far as family goes, you'll help out so that there's a smooth flow. You'll be good at giving advice and helping others sort out their issues, and you'll teach others to share responsibilities.


There's a minor insecurity overwhelming you  in your career front. You feel you're being watched, as if people analyse every move you make. That feeling is completely irrational, so stop obsessing over what others might say and just do your own thing.

Today's a good day to mend mistakes. If you think you've slipped, say it out loud yourself and ask your trusted ones for help to sort it out. It'll be very positive, and you might even come out stronger on top. Not everyone's courageous enough to point out their mistakes.

If you've got a chance for it, try to come closer to someone you once linked professionally with. Their experience might help out a lot in making your dearest projects come true.


Your organisational skills might help in managing your plans for the day.  You'll find time to do those activities you enjoy so much!

Your sixth sense will help you keep your inner balance strong, and will help you relax as soon as you're home.

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