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Aries Horoscope - Thursday, December 10, 2020: A friend sees you under a special light

Someone who's in your life will feel so happy to see you


Aries, you're not too comfortable  around family meetings and environments, especially if you're amongst people you see once or twice a year. It's easy to see arguments unfolding, even more so if the topics at discussion are politics, finances or religion.

It'll be hard for you to stay quiet and act discreetly around people trying to rile you up. You'll need to find balance inside you to avoid causing war to burst out. You're a smart individual, so don't bite on that hook.

At the same time, someone who's in your life will feel so happy to see you. They want to tell you they've changed their perception of you; you're no longer just a friend, and they want to take things a step further.

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Bad communication will be the norm today, and not just around your family, like you've seen above. A poorly expressed piece of information could create a crisis environment around your company.

Besides, you've got great chances of being assigned some serious responsibilities, more than you should carry.

Don't keep quiet with injustice, make every person carry their own weight, and keep your personal honour and standards high above. You need to do it not just for yourself, but also for your dignity and that of other employees that will come after you.


You need some personal intimate moments in your secret garden to set your thoughts straight, expel foul vibrations with gusts of fresh air, and gathering the required courage to face the harsh December ahead.

You know that wasting time moping around is good for nothing. You need to step into action and grab the bull by the horns. Learn to listen to your heart, it'll tell you when you're ready to leave sorrow behind.

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