Aries Saturday on a sky background with shooting stars

Aries Horoscope - Saturday, April 10, 2021: There'll be a happy surprise in your love life

There's peace and comfort all around throughout the day


Aries, the power of Venus promises there'll be a harmonious married life, with peace and comfort all around throughout this second Saturday in April. The little fights of the last few days might come back up fresh, but you'll be willing to move on with a nice smile.

Passion won't be out of your plans; quite the contrary indeed, you'll be one of the most passionate signs, and you'll live out some intense, happy hours. Fireworks will shine bright on your bedroom.

If you're still single, the stars promise to bring you a happy heart. There'll be a happy surprise in your love life, possibly a short-lived encounter, that will come along with a much needed sense of stability and safety.


It'll be hard for you to stay quiet when work injustice arises.  You'll double your efforts to make a change where you're a winner, and you'll think about actions that break ties with the rules.

Besides, you'll be determined and bold enough to move on with your ideas and make dreams come true. You'll sign up for a project that fits your capabilities and concerns, and that's extremely important for you.

If you're out of work, today will be your lucky day, so you should take that lucky strike wholeheartedly as soon as it comes up. A premonition in the form of a dream or hunch will tell you where to go if you want work to do.


Someone close will  make you interested in vegetarian diets. It will all go well as long as you don't fall prey to a lack of protein or embrace excess fat.

You'll do everything in your hands to please your loved ones, and you'll know how to create a warm environment at home. You want to have a nice Saturday, forget about issues, and fill up every waking hour with a mixture of fun and rest.

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