Aries Horoscope Thursday 2020

Aries Horoscope - Thursday, October 1, 2020: Only explain yourself if and when needed

Find a solution for your issues before you need to cope


Aries, you might lack objectivity in your relationships,  both with friends and romantic ones. Your good mood has seen better days.

Keep in mind that, if you're facing a rough argument, you're the only one who can find a path towards peace. And just so you know, you're better off having good bonds with people around you; otherwise, you'll feel even lonelier and more lost.

Be aware of the power of words, and be careful if your mouth flies faster than your thoughts. What you might think is an innocent joke could hurt other people worse than a stab.


As far as work is concerned, the Horoscope's encouraging you to let your honesty shine bright;  there's issues that are better off sorted out right away because if you look elsewhere, misunderstandings will start piling up on you.

In the same way, the stars will give you a little push into only explaining yourself when needed, no more, no less. If you open up a question round, the questions you get could become endless, and some of your weaknesses might come out.

If you've got secret business deals going on, double your attention and watch closely suspects of betrayal.

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Your physical wellness, and your mental one, should be properly taken care of every single day. How many health-related issues do you put off throughout the week? Start the month by taking better care of yourself.

If you need to see your dentist or foot doctor, go and ask for an appointment and don't put it off for tomorrow. Find a solution for your issues before you need to cope and treat bigger ones.

In order to be livelier, try wearing more orange.

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