Aries Horoscope Sunday 2020

Aries Horoscope - Sunday, November 1: You'll fight social conventions

You want to get this new month started with no strings attached


Aries, there isn't much action coming for your heart this Sunday, even less so if you consider yourself a rebel individual.

Whatever's been previously established will seem insufficient; you'll tear down some social conventions, and pull out all the stops to live your relationships whatever way you feel like.

You want to get this new month started with no strings attached, and not satisfying others by doing what you're expected to, but really don't want to do.

You'll be listening to your heart at all times and try to be happy to your own accord. Time flies by, and if you don't make moves right now, the game will be over when you least expect it.


Your career's future is highly unstable, so all you can do is be an extremely cautious individual and keep composure when you're carrying out your duties.

Go over your work over and over again, and don't put off any slight work for later. Otherwise, you're running the risk of forgetting that you had work to do.

At your current budget status, being methodical is your best bet. Make sure that you've got enough money in the bank to pay your expected bills, and turn things down another notch, because there's always cuts to make.

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You might experience dizziness,  so you shouldn't try out risky or dangerous activities, such as extreme sports.

In the same way, avoid elevated areas off the ground. Forget about home repairs that involve stepping on ladders for the time being, in case your balance falls out of place. But don't be afraid, it isn't necessarily serious.

Your sleep quality will gradually improve, and you'll bid farewell to nightmares.

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