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Aries Horoscope - Monday, March 1, 2021: Jump into trying out new commercial strategies

You don't need to take one step further


Aries, start your week out carefully  and leave things the way they are. For the time being, you don't need to take one step further (but not one step back either).

You might feel like your relationship's tense and there's something missing, but you can't pinpoint what. You won't find a magic formula to make shades of grey fade into pink, but you could design new strategies to liven up your love life.

There is one thing that the stars are pointing out, though: having a baby is never a good move in the midst of a crisis point. Don't trick yourself believing that that will bring you closer together. In fact, the gap could widen up.

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If you're the manager of a company or section, it might be interesting for you to take time to listen to your employees, because they've got something important to say.

You're stepping on the gas hard because you want to go further in your career, but as a consequence, you're missing out on the great sights and landscapes the universe has got to offer. Aside from that, you easily go off the main road and get lost if you listen to the wrong voice.

Don't get frustrated whenever you feel compelled to slow down doing things. You should learn that everything has a pace of its own. Also, it might be time to reinforce your earnings with brand-new strategies.


Analyse your cellphone use time  throughout the day; sometimes you use it to play around, other times to communicate with friends, or even to close business deals.

The core of the matter is, your dependency on new technologies could become an obsession even if you don't see it yet. If you feel bad when you're away from your phone because you think you've got unanswered calls or e-mails, you should consider getting help from an expert.

On the silver lining of today's health, you'll see that it's improving, especially if you've got a recent wound or scar, because it'll heal up earlier than expected.

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