Aries Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Aries Horoscope - Wednesday, July 1, 2020: Your spontaneousness will reap its rewards

Thanks to your boldness you'll make the person you long the most look your way


Aries, your romantic craze will reach its peak,  and thanks to your boldness you'll make the person you long the most look your way; you'll shatter away your shyness, even if it's just an old friend whom you see in a different light.

The card of spontaneousness will be your wisest move; don't try to map a route ahead. Just walk it through and your sixth sense will tell you where to go.

Today, many of you will feel yourselves reborn. The new half of the year is filled with great adventures to experience; you'll break out of your shell and will allow others to know you and love you more and better.

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What you've currently got going on isn't too bad, but you'll be daydreaming about new challenges.  You'll explore previously untrod paths, and some of you will look abroad, perhaps to work on your languages, or expand your business internationally.

Besides, your money's all safe. You're controlling your desire of shopping on whims, accepting your possibilities, and even giving proper money-saving advice to people around you.

Whenever you feel like getting a luxury item (an expensive high-end phone, for instance), take a look at how many hours of work it would take for you to afford it. That's how you'll know if it's worth it or not.


This Wednesday, you should be composed and collected in situations where your health is essential.  Correct your excess instead of moping your life away.

If your doctor recommended you to go under the knife to improve parts of your body (such as a troublesome knee or a misplaced nose bridge), don't be afraid of the surgery; it'll all be alright.