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Aries Horoscope - Friday, January 1, 2021: Your creativity is at a great spot

You deserve having someone who carries out your wishes


Aries, you'll be highly protective and compliant to those you love, and on top of that human pyramid, there'll be your partner. You'll give them your absolute devotion and will feel submissive to them, because to your eyes, they're a true divine entity.

But watch the way you offer yourself to solve other people's issues. There's plenty of nasty people out there who will consider whatever action you carry out as a precedent so that you do it again in the future.

Besides, don't you like to be protected for a change? You deserve having someone who carries out your wishes too and see your will fulfilled every now and then. Otherwise, your fear and insecurity will find a permanent home in your heart.

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Experience has taught you that money-making takes a lot of hard work and confidence in all areas of life. Money doesn't grow on trees, and you need to stretch out every resource at close reach as much as you can.

You'll start your year with a sharp vision of how finances work, and you'll make the right moves so that very little looks like plenty, especially when it comes to leisure and free time.

Your creativity is at a great spot too! Those of you who work in the arts or literature should have a notepad on at all times where you can write down any brilliant ideas that come to mind.


Your health will be put to the test. Those of you that have been neglectful when welcoming the brand new year will regret having gone to excess, and most of you will have issues at keeping up a proper schedule.

Also, watch the amount of food around you, both in your plate and in your cooking pan. Small servings will keep you safe whenever you hop on the scale.

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