The Aries sign

Aries Horoscope - Monday, February 1, 2021: You're naturally talented at sorting conflict out

Passionate and loving glances will come often


Aries, chemistry with your partner will be explosive!  February comes in all loaded up with promises of love and good intentions to mend those behaviours that get your partner's gears grinding in not such a good way.

Passionate and loving glances will come often, and you'll be able to use your eyes' communicative power to seduce anyone you feel like if you're single. Don't they say the eyes are the mirror to the soul?

On the other hand, you'll be naturally talented at sorting open conflict, especially if it was born in the family. Sometimes there's fights about completely mundane issues, such as the distribution of an inheritance.

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You'll be able to improve your social and professional skills thanks to the influence of some kind colleagues who will show you their best tricks for the trade. You'll see that you should always keep a trick up your sleeve to pull it out at the right time.

Don't hesitate at all to request any grant or special payment that makes your financial load lighter; many thought that this year would be pretty much better than last, but in practice, we can see that things haven't changed that much.

It might be a good idea to ask for an appointment with your bank director, see which options and investments there are, and find out if there's a new investment out there that could help you earn extra.


Your health will be slightly affected  by the series of fears and insecurities hidden inside you. This Monday you could experience an anxious fit, especially if you're a student of any kind.

Meditation and alternative therapies can help you keep this ailment in check, which could even express itself in the forms of headaches or acid reflux bouts.

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