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Aries Horoscope - Tuesday, December 1, 2020: Shrouded in good luck and prosperity

You'll use your own independence to the fullest


Aries, you'll be as bold as ever,  and you'll jump straight into daring adventures. You want to bid a grand farewell to 2020, because you've already had pretty much of a rough time due to external circumstances.

If you're single, you'll use your own independence to the fullest and will get excellent results afterwards. Get closer to the person you like, even if you see them as nothing more than platonic love; you could be a perfect match if you break apart your fears.

As part of a married couple, you'll take over your taste for independence to become fully integrated with your home. You'll take on responsibilities you often dodge and you won't be as reserved as other times before.

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You were born under a sign shrouded in good luck and prosperity, and this will influence your financial affairs. By taking the roads that are the easiest to tread, you'll reach the point you'd been dreaming of. You'll realise that you often make your existence too complex for no reason.

In order to find a job that fits your personal ambition better, you need to keep your eyes and ears open. Only then will you be able to catch whatever chances slide by in front of you.

While you're at it, take a look at your current investments, and if any of them doesn't feel okay, get rid of it. Don't cling to promises of upcoming improvements, it's time to live right here, right now!


The fear of growing old will be coming after you today. Others might see natural beauty where you see nothing but wrinkles and imperfections.

Don't be silly and defeat your dreams. Going under the knife for surgery might be an option and plastic surgery could be your friend, but you're better off accepting that time goes by (and using up to the very fullest every day ahead of you).

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