Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope: February 20th - 26th, 2023

Aquarius, don't choose a path you don't intend to tread

Aquarius, be careful with the power of emotions. If you consult your Weekly Horoscope in time, you'll be able to prevent numerous conflicts. You have the upper hand!


Aquarius, the stars reveal that your temper could be extremely destructive these days.

Romantic relationships are there to be enjoyed. Some conflicts are unavoidable, but they can always be managed in a healthy way. If you don't moderate your aggressive words, your partner will end up distancing themself from you.

You'd better wise up even if you're single right now. Your loved ones don't deserve to receive so much contempt from you. If you continue like this, your own family members might turn their backs on you.

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You have many options to earn a little extra money, Aquarius. The easiest and fastest alternative of all is Internet businesses. You could register on several websites dedicated to buying and selling second-hand items. Surely you have a lot of junk at home that you don't use and that could give you some economic benefit. On the other hand, advertising yourself as self-employed and offering your services could also be of great help. You don't have to settle for just your paycheck.


Your Weekly Horoscope advises you to do some introspection exercises this week. If you feel that your current job doesn't fulfill you, it would be good for you to establish some limits. Sooner or later you'll end up finding another job that will be more rewarding and satisfying. That doesn't mean you should stop working hard, but don't give 100% to whatever doesn't motivate you. You'd better think carefully about how far you want to go. Don't set your goals too high if you intend to open yourself up to other job possibilities.


When it comes to friendship, the truth is that you often err on the side of innocence, Aquarius. A close friend isn't as honest as you think. It won't take you long to realize that they're not being straight with you.


This week you should meditate every day before going to sleep. You'll have a better chance of getting proper rest and waking up refreshed. You can't lose out by giving it a try.