The Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

There are good prospects for you - Aquarius Weekly Horoscope for 8 – 14 February 2021

This week you'll consider yourself lucky, as many areas of your life will improve


The week starts with very good omens for the love life of Aquarius.  The planetary influences make you more prone to love and your feelings will be warmer. You’ll be receptive, open and you’ll display all of your charms.

This boost will also make you seek harmony above all. Your priority will be to create good rapports, and, to this end, you’ll have to take a step forward in that world you’ve always avoided: commitment.

Single Aquarius will have a chance to enter a much more tranquil and stable relationship from what they’re used to. To ball is in your court now, Aquarius, it’s up to you to make this story last.

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On a professional level, doors will open for you, you’ll be closer to success; however, nothing is achieved without hard work, so you’ll have to remain firm in your purpose and keep working to achieve good results.

On the other hand, towards the middle of the week, your material ambition will give way to a new perspective of things. You will no longer chase fame and money but, rather, you’ll pursue a lifestyle that allows you to have more time for your personal life.

Those who are self-employed will be in luck, as the stars favour everything linked to starting or putting into practice new ideas or skills. This will be a good week for business in general, despite external circumstances.


When it comes to your health, you’ll probably start the week with some minor discomfort. However, your self-confidence and your confidence in life will increase, which will bring you closer to a full recovery.

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