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Weekly Horoscope for Aquarius for June 6 - 12, 2022

Aquarius, days of self-awareness and reflection lie ahead


Aquarius, your weekly horoscope encourages you to enjoy a few days when you're finally going to find what you really want.

This path of self-discovery and working with your own emotions won't be easy. But you'll be glad you have travelled it when you see how far you have come this week. Try to concentrate on who and what you want to keep distant from you.

This analysis could surprise you and you might have to change a part of your situation.


Aquarius, the Weekly Horoscope indicates that financial security depends on two fundamental factors. First, dispense with whims and avoid any kind of expense that leads you to what you don't really need. The second is to train with professionals, not teachers.

This week you might start looking at information about a couple of courses offered by business schools  or universities. This will cost money at first, but then you'll enjoy a good salary and a more comfortable living situation.


Aquarius, you're getting older and more and more people around you are asking you to find a regular and stable job. The option of competitive examinations is there, but you're not sure you have the discipline and determination to embark on this tough journey.

The Horoscope believes you should take this week to reflect on what you really want, and be consistent with your abilities. Only you can make decisions about what you want.


Your Horoscope for this week foresees plenty of optimism. You can take advantage of this good energy to improve your perseverance in some activities which are very difficult for you to do.

The positive energy will clear your head of bad ideas and guilty thoughts.  You'll arrive at Sunday finally accepting yourself, with your virtues and your defects, Aquarius.

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