Aquarius Horoscope Weekly 2020

Events won't stop surprising you - Aquarius Weekly Horoscope for 6-12 July 2020

Expect news in all areas of your life, there will be nothing left as it was this week


This week, Aquarius, is marked by your ability to let go of old relationships that no longer offer you anything good. Above all, in the area of friendships, the time has come to leave behind people who are no longer in tune with you.

On the other hand, by midweek, you could live a unique experience, because your soul mate will appear or be very close to you those days. You'll be the one to decide if you want to reconnect with that person or let them go.

For singles, as well as for those in a relationship, this week you will learn that to love you have to give yourself totally. A half-hearted love is not love; fear, mistrust or dishonesty won't bring you closer to love

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The work field looks like it will go well this week of July, Aquarius, as you will achieve great things  with your innovative ideas. Your dedication will result in a new era of professional and economic success.

In the middle of the week, some of you will be bitten by the fly of change and will consider a change not only of job but even of profession. The signs you get are contradictory, but despite this, if you follow your instinct you will get good results.

Furthermore, certain planetary influences will activate your economic sector, so you are likely to find new ways to generate resources beyond your primary source of income, which is your current job.


Regarding your health, this week's prediction speaks of instability, possible temperature changes in your body make you feel weak or tired.  The pressure of daily obligations could make the situation worse.

But, as the week goes by, the positive influence of the stars will make up for lost energy. You will feel good physically again, and even if you might have an earache, it will heal quickly.

Lastly, Aquarius, it's important that you recover your sense of spirituality so that, through it, you can have a new and more complete vision of your body and your whole being.