Aquarius Weekly on a sky background with shooting stars

A week of discoveries and inner experiences - Aquarius Weekly Horoscope for 31 May - 6 June 2021

Get ready to experience a week with many emotions, important things will happen in every area of your life

❤️ Love

This week's prediction, Aquarius, affirms that during the first days, secrets will be revealed, and some things will come to light. These things will come to you and will put your relationship to the test. It may be related to affairs outside of the relationship.

Around the middle of the week, you will be much more active and looking after your loved one, trying to make up for the bad moments, however, the past can reopen to remove old unresolved wounds.

Those who are single must position themselves and decide whether they want to continue doing what they want without giving explanations to anyone, or if instead they want to benefit from all the good things in a relationship but committing themselves to it.

💰 Money

On a professional level during the first days of the week, you will for sure have the perfect opportunity to make an important change, that will help you improve your income, so don’t overthink it and do it.

On the other hand, and now more than ever you need to create a working method or planning  that allows you to complete your tasks on time. You can’t leave everything up to fate or do your tasks depending on how you feel.

By the end of the week, you should be more aware of your financial situation, something that will require more of your attention. Above all, keep in mind that this is not the time to take risks in this sector.

👩‍⚕️ Health

Regarding your health, even though you will feel full of energy, soon there will be some discomfort that will make you feel a bit down.  Above all, it will be a good idea not to drink too much alcohol and take better care of what you eat in general.

On the other hand, changing your home would be good for you. Surely the place where you currently are is not helping you feel good. If you have the chance, just do it.

Finally, this week you will feel like developing your spiritual side: you want to know more about reality and discover new ways of understanding your life. Everything related to energy will attract your attention.

👍 Tip of the week 

Every day, when waking up and going to bed, visualize what you want in your life

🍀 Lucky numbers  

Your lucky numbers for the week between May 31 and June 6 are: 3, 14 and 34.

🤝 Compatibilities 

Aquarius! Don't miss your best matches this week:

Pisces and Aries in Love

Scorpio and Pisces in Friendship

Taurus and Leo at Work

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