Aquarius Horoscope Weekly 2020

It will be a week with different hues - Aquarius Weekly Horoscope for 31 August – 6 September 2020

Both at work and in your health you'll be doing great, so focus your energy on your personal and romantic relationships


This first week of September will go through different phases, Aquarius.  You’ll start on the wrong foot, as there’ll be no movement in any sense. However, things will soon sort themselves out and will start flowing in your favour.

Those who are in a relationship will have to wait nearly until the weekend in order to enjoy romance and sexual passion. Until then, things will be slow and not very dynamic on both sides. So, don’t be discouraged, as know you know that the rough patch will pass.

Those who are single will start the week well, but towards the middle of the week they’ll encounter disappointment. If you start a relationship or romance, don’t take it too seriously, as there’ll be a lot of uncertainty surrounding that rapport.

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Your professional life is where you’ll shine brightest this week, Aquarius, as, not only will you have the support of those around you to put your ingenious ideas into practice, but also, you’ll be full of interesting ideas.

You’ll also solve situations which were unfinished, and you might receive job offers from abroad. You’ll have to weigh the conditions and, if they're favourable, take the leap to make that positive change.

However, it’s also likely that you’ll feel disappointed towards the end of the week, as none of your efforts seem to be yielding results. It’s just a matter of time, you’ll see good results in no time.

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In terms of your health, you’ll start the week in great shape, full of vitality and strength, and with a great desire to exercise, move and participate in all sorts of outdoors activities.

However, you’ll also be sufficiently motivated to carry out a deep analysis of your emotional wounds. There are changes you want to tackle now, and this week is a good time for it.

Summarizing, you’ll be in good health, you just need to handle your stress to avoid minor ailments such as headaches, muscular pain, etc., but, if this happens, you’ll recover very quickly.