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Weekly Horoscope for Aquarius for May 30 - June 5, 2022

Aquarius, willpower will be your greatest ally


Aquariustry to finally put those ghosts of the past behind you. You can't spend your days in love with what has only existed in your head. It doesn't matter how real it seemed to you.

If you find yourself with little energy to focus on your present this week, a new acquaintance might help. Push yourself to meet new and interesting friendships, who will take you out of the monotony and discover worlds full of possibilities.


Aquarius, your Weekly Horoscope predicts a period of good news this week. You might receive a small amount of money from a gamble. It's also very likely that you'll unexpectedly find yourself with a discount that will make you look at the price of tuition for other courses.

Thanks to the stars you'll be lucky enough to find a lost sum of money on the street. Use it wisely and don't spend it compulsively.


Aquarius, the Weekly Horoscope sees a time of great revelations, epiphanies, and finally, changes.

You might find that continuing to work with that business partner is starting to weigh too much on you. And, if you haven't found a job, something temporary will appear to give you some last-minute help. Keep working towards a more permanent job.

You need to know how to manage all these changes. You'll have to adapt to new contexts where you'll have to give your best.


Aquarius, your Weekly Horoscope asks you to make a special effort to control your diet this week. This means, unfortunately, removing pizzas from your weekly shopping list.

You'll have the willpower to make the change towards a healthier lifestyle. But that doesn't mean it'll be easy.

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