Aquarius Horoscope Weekly 2020

You'll be willing to open up your heart - Aquarius Weekly Horoscope for 3 - 9 August 2020

Stress will be your worst enemy, not just because it could cause you to make mistakes at work, but because of its impact on your health


Aquarius, it looks like this week you’re one of the lucky ones, as both on a family level and in your relationship, fortune will smile upon you.  You’ll have days of shared happiness and illusion with which to build a happy relationship.

Aside from that, by midweek you’ll bump into someone from your past, which will teach you the importance of living in the here and now. However, you’ll also have days where there might be conflicts with your partner.

Plus, whether you’re single or in a relationship, all Aquarius will choose to be more open and willing to open up their hearts. This, without a doubt, will be crucial for sorting out all of your matters of the heart.

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Professionally speaking, you’ll feel like you’re racing against time, and, although you’ll manage to overcome any problems which may arise, you’re still likely to make a financial loss during the first few days of the week.

However, by collaborating with your colleagues and promoting dialogue and negotiations, things will get back on track. This will be crucial for you to regain control of your work and financial situation.

Avoid creating arguments, as you’re at a delicate point of your career and, although luck is on your side, you’ll have to make a huge effort and bite your tongue to come out unscathed from all the challenges that await you.

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In terms of your health, this week you’ll be much more aware of the need to take care of yourself.  But you also have an extra dose of vitality which will give you the boost you need to get to work. This improvement will be essential for quitting bad habits.

Only towards the end of the week will you notice some discomfort with your kidneys and liver which might worry you. However, with the right treatment, you’ll recover sooner than expected. Note that you need to pay more attention to your vital organs.

Don’t forget, Aquarius, that your health largely depends on your emotions, so you’ll have to work on yourself if you really want to feel good in all areas of your life, including physically.