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Weekly Horoscope for Aquarius for March 28 - April 3, 2022

Aquarius, you are at a great moment in your work and spiritual existence









❤️ Love

Aquarius, this is an ideal moment to connect with the new acquaintances who are coming your way. However, you'll have to work hard to ensure that these connections result in idyllic love affairs. The Horoscope encourages you to be receptive to any new situations and don't close yourself off to new developments in romance.

💰 Money

The Weekly Horoscope shows that towards the end of the week you will be able to reap the fruits which have grown.

This is thanks to your attitude and your aptitude. Aquarius, your Horoscope this week foresees great financial satisfaction which could be fulfilled by a prize in a raffle or a gift. Enjoy your moment, you deserve that money!

🛠️ Work

Recent events in your company pointed to a possible economic or reputational crisis.

Quite the opposite! You and those who work with you will benefit from the stars this week, Aquarius.

You'll earn great profits and sales in the marketplace. If you have workers in your charge, make them feel part of the success.

👩‍⚕️ Health

Your Horoscope senses that something is stirring inside you. 

It is a supernatural power which will give you the energy you need for the whole week. Bring out the titan in you.

You're better than ever, Aquarius!

🍀 Lucky numbers for Aquarius

The lucky numbers for Aquarius for the week of 28 March to 3 April are: 5, 10, 15 and 20.

🤝 Compatibilities for Aquarius

The compatibilities for Aquarius for this week in love, friendship and work are:

👍 Tip for Aquarius

Hazlo, y si te da miedo, hazlo con miedo.

⭐ Aquarius Celebrities

Some celebrities whose sign is Aquarius like you are:

- Jackson Pollock, painter born in Cody, Wyoming, on January 28, 1912

-  Jack Lemmon, actor born in Newton, Massachusetts, on February 8, 1925

- Jennifer Jason Leigh, actress born in Los Angeles, California, on February 5, 1962

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