Aquarius sign on a pink and purple watercolor background

You walk towards success - Aquarius Weekly Horoscope for 28 December 2020 – 3 January 2021

Your greatest success will undoubtedly be achieving inner peace, but also improving your romantic and professional rapports


Aquarius, this last week of the year an expansive light will positively influence your romantic relationships. You’ll surely be very focused on improving communications with your loved ones, whether they’re your partner, relatives or friends.

On the other hand, two beneficial planets will make your desires and feelings have a place this week. You’ll surely have very sincere and deep feelings as the new year starts.

Single Aquarius will have many chances to enjoy the blossoming of a new love, as they’ll express themselves with confidence and joy, which will bring significant news for them in their love life.

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On a professional level you’ll have great satisfactions in your career or business, you’ll be rather favoured in this aspect of your life.  However, you should be wary when investing large sums of money on new business proposals.

On the other hand, as we start making our way through the new year, these matters will consolidate, with which you’ll have the feeling that you've achieved greater stability both at work and in your financial and material life. The only thing you’ll have to keep an eye on is to not spend too much money on trinkets.

It is with this sense of self-confidence that you’ll face this new year which will be full of collaborations and new job opportunities. Both those who are already employed and those who are looking for a job will receive interesting proposals.


When it comes to your health, after having practised different ways of making yourself feel better, and having gone through all kinds of mood, this last week of the year you’ll be determined to look after your personal wellbeing.

You’ll surely be in a great mood and you’ll set new conditions to keep improving your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  You’ll do it with passion and commitment, as you’ve understood how important this is in your life, if you don’t take it seriously, your sole intention won’t be enough.

Lastly, Aquarius, you’ll start the new year protected and encouraged by a good energy current, which will bring you beneficial events and favourable situations for your growth. This time without the suffering which is usually linked to this kind of event.

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