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You'll feel your romantic relationships intensely - Aquarius Weekly Horoscope for 27 July - 2 August 2020

You want to be prepared for the ups and downs you'll experience this week in all areas of your life

Aquarius Horoscope Weekly for 27 July - 2 August 2020
Your Aquarius Horoscope for this week, 27 July - 2 August 2020 | Magic Horoscope


This week Aquarius will start the week taking on the world in their love life. Both those who are single and those who are in a relationship won't be able to dodge Cupid’s arrows. Sexuality will be explosive, and passion will be in the cards.

However, Mars might make some Aquarius quite contentious, for which they could spark more than one argument with their loved ones. That, combined with the fact that they’ll be more sensitive, could cause serious clashes.

Those who are single, however, will have a week full of meetings with friends, through which they’ll meet someone they’ll feel an instant attraction to. Although you’ll struggle to open up your heart at first, you won’t be able to resist the pull of love.

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In your professional life you’ll be really busy, but there might be some clashes with your colleagues, especially if they work under you. You need to be careful with how you treat them, in order to avoid undesirable conflicts.

That aside, although you like to innovate, and that will boost your career, it’s likely that, towards the end of the week, any projects you partake in will slow down. This might make you consider changing jobs.

However, as you’ll be in a position of power, not because of your position at work but because the ideas behind the project are yours, you’ll be able to plough through and thing will improve through your intervention. This will be the case so long as you’re diplomatic, don’t try to impose your point of view, regardless of how right you think you are.


When it comes to your health this week you might somatise some problems arising from your self-imposed solitude in your kidneys. This difficulty to open up to others will be the lesson you have to learn in order to improve your quality of life.

Fortunately, you have very strong planetary influences which give you the necessary energy to strengthen your health and which give you endless energy to face any kind of events or situations.

Keep an eye on recurring symptoms and consult your doctor if need be, don’t just try to patch it up temporarily.

Bradley J Driscoll
Love is in the air.

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