Aquarius Weekly on a night sky background

You're surrounded by tension on all fronts - Aquarius Weekly Horoscope for 22 – 28 March 2021

It will be an intense week, where you'll have to use all of your strength to remain centred


The first days of the week, Aquarius will be floating in a cloud as they have never felt so good in their relationship. Love in all its splendour has come into the lives of Aquarius.

However, there’ll be unresolved problems in your family which will get worse under the adverse planetary influences. For this reason, it will be tricky to deal with clashes of opinion, we recommend you keep a level head and stay patient.

Single Aquarius will have a week of ups and downs, one second they will believe they’re completely in love, and the next they’ll be trying to steer clear of the possibility of loving. You’ll have to wait for better times if you want to start a love story.

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On a professional level, these will be days full of hard work, but also of opportunities to increase your reputation and prestige. If you make the most of the opportunities that arise, you’ll be able to increase budgets or simply solidify your good image.

On the other hand, towards the middle of the week, you’ll also notice how your energy will be essential to create enthusiasm wherever you go.  Your teammates will thank you for it, as, together you’ll be able to get very far.

Your cooperation will be very important, this way everyone will feel more comfortable, and you’ll manage to get your work done on time. Quality will be essential, for this reason, we recommend you pay attention to what you do.


When it comes to your health, what Aquarius will notice the most this week will be that they struggle to sleep. The tension in your professional life will weigh you down, the constant worry and stress might affect your health.

To this end, the best thing will be to look after your body by exercising. It’s obvious that you can’t abandon yourself to a sedentary lifestyle or your body will call you out on it sooner rather than later, and by the time you realize this, you’ll really struggle to recover.

Also, on an emotional level, you’ll be fighting against negative thoughts. The key will be to not resist them, just observe them and let them go. Don’t get dragged down by your mind’s defeatist machinations.

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