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You should put your feet on the ground - Aquarius Weekly Horoscope for 21 – 27 December 2020

Although great professional prospects await this week, they shouldn't drag you away from reality


Aquarius, this week your love life appears encouraging, as the first days of the week you’ll tend to dedicate to those you love.  However, you need to trust in your partner if you truly want to strengthen your relationship, otherwise it will be a superficial bond.

On the other hand, it’s also important that you mind your manners, as at times you can be somewhat bossy. This attitude, even if unconscious will push you away from your loved ones, and that’s the last thing you want to do.

When it comes to single Aquarius, they’ll be very seductive and active in your love life, but they also run the risk of entering into unhealthy situations due to their tendency to idealize everything.

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On a professional level the most interesting thing this week is that you’ll be able to make a dream come true, doing something you really love.  You might be able to turn a hobby into a paid job.

However, before you get to that part, you should be more organized and efficient, from there things will start flowing more favourably. You’ll progress as much as you like, as you’re the one who sets the boundaries, no external factors will stop you.

On a financial level, you’re likely to have good news, as you’ll be able to finalize or pay off an outstanding debt. This will signify an important financial relief, as well as bring you greater stability.


In terms of your health, you might go through a moment of tension and anxiety, however, on a physical level you’ll do very well, even being able to recover from some injuries or ailments you’d been dragging for months or perhaps years.

However, this week you’ll suffer a number of small ailments, and it will feel like you can never feel fully well, but all those symptoms are the reflection of the tension you’re experiencing in your daily life.

Fortunately, you won’t experience any major illnesses, and you’ll experience a positive openness towards those around you. This will help you a lot on an emotional level, as you’ll feel supported and included, and with it your feeling of wellbeing will increase.

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