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Weekly Horoscope for Aquarius for June 20 - 26, 2022

Aquarius, you're in a period of vital transformation


Aquarius, your Horoscope says that you should bear in mind that, when it comes to choosing a partner, you're always too shy and indecisive. This clearly works against you, as they could see this as disinterest or rejection.

If you don't want these interpretations to close an interesting door on the love front, you have to take action. Call them to talk on the phone for a while. Or invite them to the cinema to see a film they are dying to see.


The Weekly Horoscope knows that you're not very generous when it comes to sharing your money with the less fortunate, Aquarius. This is logical, considering you're not at your financial best.

However, these days you could feel the urge to contribute to charity in some way. It might not be with money, but with time and sacrifice. This is because you'll be immersed in a process of learning not to place so much value on money.


Aquarius, the Horoscope warns you that  although you're having a great time at work, you can't let this define your attitude. If you become arrogant and disrespectful of those below you in the pecking order, you'll become hateful.

Ground yourself and don't let a good tendency define who you are and what you do to those around you. Your parents didn't raise you to be the type that's changed by money.


Aquarius, spending time in good company is unrivaled when it comes to realising and understanding what's really important. This week you'll be drawn into a spiral of mental transformation and you'll mature a lot.

You'll finally understand that what's important isn't what you have in life, but what you do with it. And, above all, with your loved ones.

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