Aquarius Horoscope Weekly 2020

You'll feel like a tightrope walker - Aquarius Weekly Horoscope for 2 – 8 November 2020

Problems and professional challenges might make you ill, due to which your health must be your priority this week


This first week of the month Aquarius will have to juggle seeking complicity and keeping their personal freedom. This is something you struggle with, due to which it will be a big challenge, as well as a great lesson.

On the other hand, there’ll be opportunities for romance in your habitual place of work or studies. You won’t let the opportunity pass you by, as you’re in need of outside admiration and approval.

Those who are single, in particular, will have a very active week where flirting and seduction games will be a part of their daily life. You’ll feel like a fish in the water, as flirting will reaffirm your current need for attention.

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In your professional life, the influence of the stars will help you create better business plans and execute your tasks on time. You’ll be very mindful of fulfilling all of your tasks in order to avoid a creating a bad image.

On the other hand, you’ll have to use all of your emotional intelligence to sort out a complicated situation which won’t be fixed unless you look at things from a broader and more detached perspective.

You’re also unlikely to achieve it, and to find yourself involved in a big mistake which might destroy your reputation. However, your sense of humour and good disposition will take some of the harm away, letting you come out unscathed.

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In terms of your health, you’ll need to improve your overall health, whether it’s having a diet with more vitamins and minerals, or doing more physical activity, what’s clear is that you’ll need more energy.

If you neglect your health the demands of your surroundings might exhaust you mentally and physically, insomnia will soon appear, as will anxiety and mood swings, al caused by stress,

On a physical level, some Aquarius are likely to suffer ailments linked to your kidneys and bladder. This is linked to how you process toxic situations in your life.