Aquarius Horoscope Weekly 2020

You fully invest yourself in your relationship - Aquarius Weekly Horoscope for 19 – 25 October 2020

With some efforts and the help of your good friends and collaborators, you'll manage to go far in your professional life


Although at times perfectionism can make you hurt others through your judgement, which aren't precisely constructive, the planetary alignments in your sign will help you have a very positive relationship.

Your dynamism will help you execute plans to help your personal relationships grow, whether it’s with your family, partner or friends.  You’ll strengthen your emotional life.

Single Aquarius will also be benefited this week, you’ll be surprised to find love through someone who will cause a very good impression. So much so, that it might become a long-term relationship.

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On a professional level, making connections will be very positive for Aquarius, as with their help you’ll achieve great progress in this area. On The other hand, you’ll have to keep working hard and smart to see good results.

Nothing will come to you for free, but everything you undertake or start has great chances of going well. If you accept that you have the ability to choose, and choose well, then you can’t go wrong.

On the other hand, your inner peace will also have a lot to do with how you do at work. The more personal stability you have, the better things will go for you. It’s important for you to be honest with yourself and to follow your principles.

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In terms of your health, although you're in the middle of a rough patch, paradoxically, it’s also the best time to achieve recoveries which, although not miraculous, will still be rather striking.

Make the most of all the energy the Cosmos is sending our planet right now and align yourself with it. Project your health wishes and help manifest this through a good diet and good daily habits.

There aren’t great mysteries for being healthy, appeal to your common sense and, above all, look at your body as a complete unit, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual matters must go hand in hand.