Aquarius sign on a pink and orange sky with some stars behind it

Struggles won't let you catch a break - Aquarius Weekly Horoscope for 18 – 24 January 2021

It looks like the stars are testing you this week, you'll have to show integrity in many aspects


This week will bring a lot of romantic tension for Aquarius.  Those who are in a relationship will go through difficult moments, despite the stars being favourable for reconciliations.

However, towards the middle of the week romance will reign again, and those who are in a solid relationship will overcome the differences. But the same won’t happen for those who have been unhappy for a while, there relationships will come to their unavoidable end.

Single Aquarius will want to expand their contact network will do whatever they can to meet new people. It is likely that you’ll meet someone at work, or somewhere linked to your work, who will win your heart.

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On a professional level, things won’t improve too much, it’s time to make big decisions and face various obstacles. You might have to give up certain things or aspects which you had been defending at work.

On the other hand, after these moments of uncertainty, you’ll notice you’re appreciated, which will give you the strength and confidence to continue with your professional plans. Your short-term goals are about to come true, so you really shouldn’t falter.

Things will improve as the days go by, and this will make you feel safe, which will reflect on you spending more. It’s not a time to jeopardize your financial stability, Aquarius, think better before you spend recklessly.


With regards to your health, this week you’ll tend to be careless, so you’ll get to a point where you’ll have to use all the tools in your toolbox to recover your balance.  Your body will ask you to give it a break, it’s time to detox from so much excess.

If you don’t pay attention to the small symptoms that will appear, such as insomnia, or a respiratory problem, these ailments might get a lot worse and become a serious health problem.

If you’re seeking for a way to release some tension and busy your mind with pleasant activities, you’ll manage to relieve your increasing nervousness. The next step is to clear your mind and, to this end, you’ll need moments of solitude and silence.

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