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Moments of great fulfilment await - Aquarius Weekly Horoscope for 15 – 21 March 2021

It will be an intense week in many aspects of your life, so take it easy and enjoy


Intense and romantic days await this week, Aquarius. What’s more, the planetary influences in your sign will make you experience love in all its splendour. Both those who are single and those who are in a relationship will notice the change.

On the other hand, some Aquarius might feel pushed to demand to get back the freedom they feel they’ve lost. Most times this is more a feeling than a reflection of reality, but you’ll have to reach this conclusion on your own.

Single Aquarius might have to deal with problems from the past, but they’ll be able to get back on their feet and make the right choices for the current situation. That aside, there’ll be romantic opportunities, but not very reliable ones.

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On a professional level you’ll face some challenges, but they’ll be for your own good. You’ll wisely use your communication skills, which will help you sign very beneficial agreements for you.

However, towards the middle of the week you might have to deal with some problems with your colleagues. A growing negativity might tarnish professional rapports, so you should proceed with caution.

Those who are self-employed might find new opportunities in fields they haven’t explored until now. Without diverging too much from your line of business, a different point of view will be the key to triumph.


When it comes to your health, the most important thing this week is to realize the importance of breaking out of your sedentary lifestyle.  Being sedentary can cause all sorts of circulatory and inflammatory problems.

You might also have some problems with your bones and/or allergies, towards the middle of the week. Whatever your problems might be, don’t downplay the symptoms and go visit a doctor as soon as possible.

Lastly, Aquarius, you’ll surely realize that you’ve been neglecting your health, and that the time has come to take action. It’s now or never, you can’t keep putting off your self-care.

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