Aquarius Weekly Horoscope on a universe background

Nothing remains immutable - Aquarius Weekly Horoscope for 15 – 21 February 2021

You'll go through all sorts of intense emotions and experiences, fear not, you'll be able to cope with all of it


Aquarius, this week, although your desire for freedom will make you refuse any kind of rules or impositions from others, you’ll still be able to preserve the peace in your relationship. Achieving this balance will be a challenge, but you’ll manage it.

On the other hand, you’ll also have a chance of reviewing your personal life, giving sexuality the place it deserves in your romantic bond. This will bring you even closer and will propitiate or open up a path for new dialogue.

Single Aquarius will find it relatively easy to seduce, due to which they’ll make the most of every opportunity they have to deploy all of your personal magnetism. However, these will probably be fleeting affairs.

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On a professional level, this week you’ll probably stand out and you’ll have a chance to make good business deals. You’ll also manage to finalize some tasks you’d been postponing for months.

Towards the middle of the week, you’ll have to face some difficulties and you’ll need all of your patience to wait for the right moment to act. You shouldn’t be overconfident.

On the other hand, there might also be clashes with a supervisor, so control your impulses and try communicating clearly and assertively. Don’t get carried away by anger or aggressive feelings.


When it comes to your health, for most of the week you’re likely to suffer from anxiety. This will not only affect your sleep and behave anxiously, but it might also cause other problems, such as eating disorders or nervous ticks.

Stiff muscles and headaches will also be a part of your daily life, at least, until you manage to lower your stress levels and learn to better manage your feelings in the face of adverse circumstances.

You should spend more time outdoors, going for strolls and resting so you can unplug from your worries.  Try to be less demanding with yourself and try to live more calmly.

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