Aquarius Horoscope Weekly 2020

Emotional ups and downs will show up in relationships - Aquarius Weekly Horoscope for 13-19 July 2020

Your job will demand a lot of energy this week, take care of stress or your health will be damaged


You'll start the week with a very powerful Aquarian energy, you will have spark and witticism to give and take, but perhaps you can fall into excess and show yourself to be despicable or overbearing with others, which would take away all the charm.

However, as the week goes by, the influence of the stars will be more benevolent with the Aquarians, so that love relationships will bear fruit, conducting themselves with harmony, tenderness and a lot of romanticism.

The singles of the sign will go through several stages, but they will always have opportunities that, if they know how to appreciate them, will leave them valuable experiences in the love field. Perhaps the love of their lives is yet to come, but that won't prevent them from having other types of adventures.

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In the professional field, the first days of the week will be marked by continuous effort. You will have the feeling, and it will be real, that you're working and trying harder than ever before.

This tone will be repeated more or less throughout the week, except with a few lucky touches, in which you will manage to ease your workload and achieve tangible successes in the moment.

Those who are self-employed will be the ones who notice this situation the most, however, they have more freedom to make decisions, nevertheless, they will have to sacrifice themselves with the same constancy and tenacity as the others.


As far as your health is concerned, it will be a fairly quiet week, where you will start with effective treatments to relieve and eliminate some temporary ailments.

However, what you should pay more attention to is your emotional health, since stress will be present almost all week. Dealing with it will be your priority if you don't want your health to get worse since you already know the harmful consequences it has on the body.

Lastly,  the stars will help you to have all the determination you need to carry out the opportune changes in your lifestyle to improve your health, both physical and emotional.