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With your inner strength you'll overcome all obstacles - Aquarius Weekly Horoscope for 11 – 17 January 2021

You'll have to face all kinds of challenges, romantic, professional and also physical, but you're well equiped for it


Aquarius, this week you’ll appear more distant than usual in your relationships, especially if you’ve recently suffered a romantic disillusion. Distrust has taken over you and you’ll struggle to get rid of it.

However, by midweek you’ll try to break out of that situation by seeking harmony in your relationship. Everything you do will be aimed at recovering your happiness and creating good moments, this shift in your attitude will soon yield good results.

Single Aquarius will have good luck this week, as they’ll have many chances to start a new romance. Not only will there be those who try to woo you, but some Aquarius are also likely to reconnect with an old flame.

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On a professional level, your vision of the future will help you properly plan your work strategies.  However, you’ll have to face some setbacks caused by others who try to boycott your efforts to achieve success.

However, patience and your ability to reflect will help you make the best decisions according to the circumstances. If you face delays in achieving your goals, you’ll have the necessary strength of character to keep going and expect positive results.

A leadership opportunity might also arise, as well as new collaborations which will help you take a life-changing leap in your career. Don’t let any opportunity pass you by without first weighing the pros and cons.


With regards to your health, generally speaking this week you’ll have good levels of energy and vitality, which will help you achieve the renovation this new year demands. Your habits must improve if you want to be in better health.

The silver lining is that you’ll have enough fortitude and emotional balance to face all sorts of situation calmly. This inner calm will be essential to make the right decisions in this area of your life.

Lastly, Aquarius, you might have problems adapting towards the end of the week, experiencing feelings of loneliness and of being misunderstood. Don’t pay attention to these feelings, as they are a product of your imagination rather than reality.

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