Aquarius Horoscope Weekly 2020

Progress in your romantic relationships - Aquarius Weekly Horoscope for 10 - 16 August 2020

The main thing this week will be to keep calm and not rush into professional, personal and romantic matters


Aquarius’s love life this week starts with some tricky situations, however, you’ll be able to solidify the relationship by choosing to move in together, or perhaps by making a greater commitment, some might even get married.

Aside from this, family will play an important role in your relationship this week. Unfortunately, this won’t be in a supportive way, rather, the complete opposite, so you’ll have to deal with the situation and not let it get to you.

Plus, you’re going through a personal crisis which is reflected in everything you do, especially in your romantic relationships, whether you're in a relationship or looking for one.

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This week at work Aquarius will have a lot of energy and initiative, the problem is that this is not the time to take big risks, the opposite actually. You’ll have to keep calm above all, and act rationally in many situations.

Aside from that, although your personal crisis might affect your professional relations, you’ll have the help of influential people who can give you access to better positions, promotions or raises which you deserve anyway.

Lastly, in this area of your life what you must bear in mind all week is that you need to be prudent, especially if you have your own business or if you're self-employed. Achieving success is up to you.

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In terms of your health, this week you’ll be well physically.  However, you’ll start the week in low spirits; that, combined with the tricky moment you're going through won’t let you feel too great.

Therefore, you must keep more of an eye on your mental world than on your physical one, as the latter doesn’t present any relevant problems or complications which would require your attention. You tend to look after yourself quite well, both in your diet and exercise.

You’ll need to make some time for yourself to quietly reflect on your feelings. This moment of calm will be essential so you can regain your emotional balance.