The Aquarius sign in white on a blue background with some lights

There won't be any big news - Aquarius Weekly Horoscope for 1 – 7 February 2021

You'll deal with things as they arise, but without any noteworthy changes


Aquarius’s love prediction for this first week of February reveals that you might be facing family pressure and adverse conditions which slow down or get in the way of your romantic experiences.

However, you will still want to express your full romantic potential, for this reason, you’ll have the support of the stars to make things come to a happy resolution. But you’ll have to wait until the weekend to see this.

Single Aquarius, despite going through a rough patch, might open up their hearts to someone who will appear in their lives, however, they should try to be flexible, act without haste and, above all, listen to the other person before they act.

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On a professional level, the best thing for you this week is to stay alert and on your toes.  There’ll be chances of achieving your professional goals, but you’ll have to act very quickly.

On the other hand, those who are part of a team, or whose work depends on that of their business partners or colleagues, will notice that communication flows easily, which will allow them to create shared goals which will be positive for everyone.

Generally speaking, this will be a week where you won’t make great progress in this area, but you also won’t move backwards. Any small steps forward taken by Aquarius will remain there firmly, but they won’t have a noticeable impact on their finances.


When it comes to your health, your personal and professional problems will make you suffer insomnia more than once this week. Your anxiety levels will be high but, fortunately, the help of Jupiter in your sign will help you handle this phase a bit better.

In this sense, this positive planetary influence will help you deal with any health problems that might arise in an assertive way.

Lastly, Aquarius, you’ll have to be careful with any kind of excess, as it’s not good for your body. The best thing is for you to try to be balanced, both in your daily life and in your feelings and character traits.

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