Aquarius Symbol

Aquarius' Personality Traits

Discover the sign of Aquarius, the water carrier of the Zodiac and also the carrier of the winds of the world.

If there is someone who would perfectly represent the flower-power spirit, that is the personality of Aquarius; sociable, eccentric and open-minded. An authentic free spirit  of which we tell you more details so you can discover what this ethereal air sign really is like.

Aquarius traits: 6 peculiarities of this sign

Discover the sign of Aquarius, the water carrier of the Zodiac also known as the carrier of the winds of the world.

1. Meet new people easily

Something that is characteristic of the personality of Aquarius is its enormous ability to connect with people. They have an  extreme ability to relate to all kinds of people, even those who in appearance could have little to do with them. They have a kind of magnetism that is difficult, not to say impossible, to escape.

2. More friends than lovers

If you wonder what Aquarius is like in terms of relationships, you can already imagine that with the sociable nature of it, there will never be a lack of people to turn to for a good time, to share their time and their concerns.

But when it comes to thinking about their most intimate relationships, there could be conflict, because due to their expansive spirit they are more likely to focus on their friendship relationships, which can be as many as they imagine, than in a couple. They are less passionate than other signs because their energies don't tend to concentrate on only one person...  while they are more likely to share them "in the form of small great moments" with many others.

3. Eccentrics

Perhaps it wasn't the most rigorous definition of this aspect of the personality of Aquarius, but it is the way in which that facet would quickly understand those who inquire into the essence of this sign. And that is because certain behaviours and customs of their own that are deeply rooted in themselves aren't usually understood by the people around them.

Because however capable the natives of this sign may be of adapting to traditional ways of doing things in any field, when they connect with themselves, only those who are similar enough to them could understand what is behind their actions and not dismiss them as eccentric.

4. Spirituals and humanists

Due to their particular way of feeling, so far from the material world, "an entirely spiritual being" could be a characteristic definition of Aquarius. Few signs have a vision of the world and life so ethereal, so based on emotions and how much they feel, much more than in the facts themselves and in everything tangible.

Their search for reasoning as soon as they are an unsettled response to another completely different way from the conventional way of questioning the meaning of things. They won't ask for such a fact in a superficial or quantifiable way but rather based on what moved this or that person at the time of acting in a certain way, what they understood about the situation and how their emotions influenced everything.

Because the search for spiritual harmony is also something that captures the thoughts of Aquarius, while influencing and conditioning their own way of acting, not only to understand the reasons for things. They usually have their own karma very present.

5. Open-minded

When a person is governed by another type of criterion when it comes to understanding the world or reality, we have before us a sufficiently open mentality, such as Aquarius, and therefore also someone with the ability to bring much more value to those around them. Nothing like having this characteristic to be a good visionary.

6. Independents

Another of the main features of the personality of Aquarius is its great sense of independence; they are free spirits who need to have the maximum possible autonomy to feel good in their own skin.

Some people may think it's a contradictory attitude since they are also very sociable, but in reality,  they are people with so much need of space and time for themselves that their need to spend time alone is real, it makes them feel that they can regulate their emotions better and properly process everything that happens in their life.

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